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Links, shackles, rings, swivels, and other hardware
used to connect lengths of chain to each other or to
another mooring component.
The portion of the chain assembly which connects
Anchor Chain Subassembly
the anchor(s) to the ground ring (in a riser-type
buoy system) or to the buoy (in a non-riser-type
buoy system).
An electrode from which electrons flow; the source
of current for cathodic protection systems.
Auxiliary Repair Drydock, Medium. Floating
Drydock for repair of medium sized vessels.
A permanently fixed point of known location used
for reference during surveys and positioning.
Rounded metal surfaces that prevent chafing.
A float used as a fender between two ships or
between a ship and a pier.
The curved portion of chain suspended in the water
column which provides a spring or elastic effect in a
mooring system.
An electrical method of preventing metal corrosion
Cathodic Protection
in an electrolyte by placing an electrical charge on
exposed submerged metal.
A small buoy used during installations to
Center Marker Buoy
temporarily mark the location at which the
mooring buoy is to be installed.


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