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other flaw in one or more of the mooring
components (see Dragging).
Curved lengths of rubber or wood secured to the
side plates of a buoy hull to protect the buoy from
impact and abrasion.
T e m p o r a r y physical assembly of a mooring's
Fit Check
components to ensure that the components will fit
together as called for in the mooring design.
See Accessories.
The determination of the geographic position of an
object in the water by means of angles, bearings,
distances, etc.
A mooring which consists of platforms, cells,
Fixed Moorings
islands, dolphins, or similar structural systems
permanently fixed in a position to which a ship is
All mooring assemblies, subassemblies, and
Fleet Mooring Inventory
components in use in the water or stored ashore.
T h e broad arms or palms of an anchor which
provide the load-holding capability when buried.
The measured angle between the flukes and the
Fluke Angle
shank of an anchor.
T o entangle, obstruct, or jam. Not clear for
An accumulation of deposits and marine growth on
materials and structures immersed in seawater for
extended periods of time.


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