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An accelerated form of corrosion which occurs in an
Galvanic Corrosion
e l e c t r o l y t e (such as seawater) when dissimilar
metals are in contact with each other.
See Anchor Chain Subassembly.
Ground Leg
The area of contact between chain links and/or
Grip Area
accessories when a chain assembly is in tension.
A steel pipe or tube which runs vertically through
the center of a buoy and through which the riser
chain passes.
An operational mooring installed at an assigned
In-Service Mooring
The shackles (or anchor joining links) attached to
the top and bottom of the buoy, as well as any
other components attached to or in place of the
top shackle (rings, pear links, etc.).
A mooring in which a ship's bow is moored to buoys
Mediterranean Mooring
or comparable systems and its stern is tied up to the
The dry film thickness of a paint or other coating;
Mil Thickness
each mil equals one one-thousandth of an inch.
An alphabetic designation used to indicate the
Mooring Class
holding capacity of a mooring; see Table 1-1 and
DM 26.6.
A n isolated platform consisting of concrete or
Mooring Platforms
timber decks supported on pilings.


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