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The placement of a mooring at a new location
New Installation
usually involving the assignment of a new mooring
(of a mooring)
A n installed mooring which is unoperational
(because of damage or deterioration, etc.) or a
mooring or mooring components which are
temporarily stored ashore.
T h e complete recovery, r e f u r b i s h m e n t , a n d
reinstallation of an existing mooring.
A hinged hook fitted with a sliding or hinged link
Pelican Hook
held closed by a ring which is used to provide
instantaneous release of chain, anchors, wire rope,
A length of line or wire rope fitted with an eye or
block atone or both ends.
A small buoy used to facilitate retrieval of sunken
Pickup Buoy
objects (see Retriever Buoy).
A highly localized and self-accelerating form of
Pitting Corrosion
corrosion that generally occurs on the surface of
metals immersed in seawater.
To lay out a length of chain in a straight line.
Small buoys temporarily installed along a line of
Range Buoys
bearing to assist in movement and orientation of a
crane barge during mooring installations.
The complete retrieval of all mooring components.
Recovery (of a mooring)
The cleaning, inspection, repair, and
reconditioning of mooring components ashore.


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