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A mooring which is used to secure a floating dock
Spud Mooring
to a pier or series of mooring platforms. The spuds
a r e usually H shaped steel sections fastened
vertically to the side of the pier at two or more
Steel or wood piling anchors driven vertically into a
Stake Piles
firm bottom.
The center cross bar in steel chain link.
T h e condition of a chain, line, wire rope, or
mooring when under sufficient tension to cause it
to assume a straight line.
A heavy steel load carrying member which runs
Tension Bar
vertically through the center of a buoy and to
which the riser chain is attached at the bottom and
mooring lines are attached at the top.
Bar or pin fitted into an eye or ring; used to permit
Toggle Bar
a quick release.
Projections from an anchor that trips the flukes at
Tripping Palms
an angle for embedding.
A mooring which consists of FM 3 fleet mooring
Upgraded Mooring
chain, a cathodic protection system, high capacity
anchors, and a urethane-coated foam filled buoy.
The area swept by a vessel as it revolves about a
Watch Circle
mooring point.
The portion of the chain assembly near the bottom
Wear Zone
which experiences the highest rate of wear due to
abrasion of seafloor material.


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