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Pull test not achieved. If the pull test load cannot be achieved, the
anchor system design may not be correct. Several options exist for
increasing the anchors capacity:
Changing the anchor fluke angle. Usually the fluke is fixed fully
open for muds and partially open (approximately 35) for sands.
When deploying anchors in silt or clay (muds) it is
desirable to allow the anchors to soak. "Soaking" of an anchor is
the practice of allowing a newly embedded anchor to rest for a
period of time, typically 24 hours, before applying the required
proof load.
Jetting. If a drag anchor does not bury to a sufficient depth to
develop the required capacity, it maybe possible to use divers to jet
the anchor to the required depth. The anchor should be jetted to a
depth equal to or greater than the length of the anchor fluke.
Anchor out of position. If the anchor is not within the tolerance box,
reposition the anchor accordingly, reset and repeat the pull test. *
Note: Ensure that the anchor is not recovered and reset in the furrow or
disturbed bottom area caused by the initial pull test.


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