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TM 5-684/NAVFAC MO-200/AFJMAN 32-1082
works, a Navy public works officer, or an Air Force
practices, part designations, and ordering proce-
base engineer. Operation and maintenance are a
dures. Spare parts lists are a vital part of these
single staff responsibility, and frequently the same
personnel will perform both functions.
(2) Installation drawings. Maintenance is often
b. Electrical supervisor responsibilities. The elec-
affected by the manner in which the equipment is
trical supervisor will:
installed. For convenience, and as a means of expe-
(1) Initiate positive action to remove, or reduce
diting maintenance, as-built installation drawings
to a minimum, the cause of recurrent maintenance
should be readily accessible to maintenance and
inspection personnel.
(2) Carry out maintenance inspections and ser-
(3) Wiring diagrams. Adequate and up-to-date
vices so there is a minimum of interference with
wiring diagrams are important for proper mainte-
user activities.
nance. Diagrams facilitate locating troubles, which
(3) Provide for the accomplishment of as much
otherwise may require extensive probing and test-
work as possible during each maintenance visit, and
ing procedures. Such diagrams should be readily
ensure that spot checks, inspections, and repairs
available to maintenance personnel.
are made on all components of the electrical facil-
(4) Distribution maps. Maps showing locations
of distribution lines, wire sizes, transformer sizes,
(4) Ensure that an adequate set of up-to-date
pole numbers, voltage classes, and sectionalizing
records are maintained for each major component of
devices are vital. Up-to-date distribution maps
all systems.
mounted on the maintenance or electrical shop wall
are very useful.
(5) Develop standard operating procedures
which are in compliance with applicable safety re-
b. Service records. Service records constitute a
history of all work performed on each item of equip-
ment and are helpful in determining the overall
(6) Train maintenance personnel to improve
condition and reliability of the electrical facilities.
their efficiency and to observe safety requirements.
Service records should show type of work (visual
inspection, routine maintenance, tests, repair), test
results (load, voltage, amperes, temperature), and
One of the most important sources of information
any other remarks deemed suitable. It is highly
for aiding inspections, maintenance, or tests is a
recommended that service records should include a
comprehensive file of equipment and service
log of incidents and emergency operating proce-
records. In addition to indicating basic information
required for proper inspection of the equipment,
(1) Logs of incidents. Logs of incidents, such as
these records will indicate where trouble has been
power failures, surges, low voltage, or other system
experienced and where special procedures may be
disturbances are very useful in planning and justi-
fying corrective action.
a. Equipment documents. There are a variety of
(2) Emergency operating instructions. Emer-
documents which indicate the equipment provided
gency work on electrical facilities is safer and
and how to keep it operating properly. These docu-
quicker when instructions are prepared and posted
ments should be provided when new facilities are
in advance. Instructions should be prepared for
built, or existing facilities modified. These records
each general type of anticipated emergency, stating
should be obtained from the construction agency as
what each employee will do, setting up alternatives
soon as possible, preferably before the electrical su-
for key personnel, and establishing follow-up proce-
pervisor accepts maintenance responsibility. These
dures. Instructions should be posted in the electri-
documents should address any warranty provisions
cal shop, security guard office, substations, operat-
applicable to the equipment. Equipment documents
ing areas, a n d such other locations as the
determine maintenance practices and should be in-
responsible supervisor deems advisable. Employees
cluded as a part of the maintenance records of the
should be 1isted by name, title, and official tele-
facility. The most common documents are listed be-
phone number. These instructions should empha-
size safety under conditions of stress, power inter-
(1) Instruction leaflets and manuals. Each
ruptions, and similar emergencies.
piece of major electrical equipment purchased
should be accompanied by an instruction leaflet or
1-7. Priority and scheduling.
manual outlining the desired methods of installa-
tion, operation, and maintenance. These instruc-
a. Priority. In regard to the support of the instal-
tions contain valuable information on maintenance
lation physical plant, it is the policy of the military


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