Quantcast Section II.-Requirements

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TM 5-684/NAVFAC MO-200/AFJMAN 32-1082
2-4. Electric workers, instruments, and re-
the manufacturer's data, usually 1 percent for
switchboard instruments and 0.25 percent for por-
table instruments. Dated calibration labels should
Tests of electrical equipment should be performed
be visible and up-to-date calibration records, in-
under the supervision of qualified electric workers.
structions, and procedures should be maintained for
If in-house personnel are not available for these
each instrument which should have had a calibrat-
tests, the services of a qualified electrical testing
ing standard of higher accuracy than that of the test
agency may be used.
a. Testing agency qualifications. The testing
c. Test reports. A dated test report should include,
agency should submit proof that it is a corporately
as a minimum, the following data:
independent testing organization which can func-
(1) Summary of project findings and recom-
tion as an unbiased testing authority, professionally
mendations, if required for additional work.
independent of the manufacturers, suppliers, and
(2) Description of equipment tested.
installers of equipment or systems evaluated by the
(3) Description of test.
testing firm. The testing agency should meet OSHA
(4) Test results.
criteria for accreditation of testing laboratories,
Title 29, Part 1910-7; or be a full member company
2-5. Frequency of inspection.
of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association
(NETA) and be regularly engaged in the testing of
The intervals given in this manual and/or by manu-
electrical equipment devices, installations, and sys-
facturer's maintenance recommendations should be
tems. The lead technical agency member on-site
considered an initial interval for normal conditions.
should be currently certified by NETA or the Na-
Intervals should be shortened where adverse condi-
tional Institute for Certification in Engineering
tions exist and may be lengthened only where expe-
Technologies (NICET) in electrical power distribu-
rience under better-than-normal conditions show
tion system testing.
this can be done safely. The frequency of inspection
b. Test instrument calibrations. Instruments
may vary for similar equipment operating under
should have been calibrated within the last 1 2
different conditions. Critical equipment, heavily
months except that analog instruments should have
loaded apparatus, operator handled, and intermit-
been calibrated within the last 6 months. Calibra-
tently operated units are examples of different op-
tion should provide the full-scale accuracy based on
erating conditions.


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