Quantcast Relay repairs

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TM 5-684/NAVFAC MO-200/AFJMAN 32-1082
1 1 5 V O L T , 60 H Z
115 VOLT. GO
Figure 11-4. Typical test connections for reactance distance relays
types and operating requirements of the relays and
equate tools and testing facilities are provided. Be-
associated equipment to be tested in a particular
fore removal of any parts, the manufacturer's
instructions should be checked for the proper proce-
11-9. Relay repairs.
c. Overhauling. Exercise care in overhauling, as
Relay repairs requiring considerable test equipment
relays are easily damaged. There are a wide variety
and special tools should be conducted in the labora-
of relays with many complicated and delicate parts
tory or shop. Minor repairs, generally classified as
and it is impractical to list all the details that
field repairs, can be done at the relay location. Al-
should be checked. Consult and follow the manufac-
ways consult the manufacturer's relay instruction
turer's instruction and parts manual for the specific
book before any repairs are made.
style of the relay being overhauled. Relays should
a. Field repairs. In most relays, contact and gas-
be thoroughly cleaned at the time of overhaul. Test
ket replacement, case, cover, and some bearing re-
taps and tap blocks if coils are replaced. Where
pairs can be done at the relay panel. Often, a relay
required repairs are extensive, return the relays to
may have to be removed to get at the part needing
the factory.
repairs. Modern relays can be readily removed from
d. Adjustments. After the overhaul,`various ad-
the case thus facilitating field repairs. After repairs
justments and alignments are required. Adjustment
have been made, it may be necessary to make minor
must be coordinated with other protective devices,
adjustments to ensure that the relay settings are
as provided by a relay coordination analysis. The
correct. The manufacturer's relay instructions
manufacturer's instruction manual should be re-
should be followed as to the procedure and test
ferred to for the proper procedure. A few of the more
equipment required.
important items that will require checking include
b. Shop repairs. Relays that require major re-
shaft end play, contact gap, and torque and clutch
pairs, such as overhauling electromagnets, tap
adjustment. Depending on the degree of overhaul,
blocks, bearings, shafts, or clutch and torque adjust-
some of these adjustments may not have to be
ments, should be worked on in a shop where ad-
changed; for instance, shaft end play should be


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