Quantcast Figure 15-4. Making a long splice

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TM 5-684/NAVFAC MO-200/AFJMAN 32-1082
right. Be sure that strand D is unlaid, not strand F.
(8) If a tapered splice is desired, cut away some
fibers in the strand after each tuck is made.
Replacement of strand D by strand C continues
b. Short splice. This splice can be made quickly
until strand C is about 7 inches (175 millimeters)
and is nearly as strong as the rope. Since the diam-
long. At this point the breaks in the strands are
eter of the rope is nearly doubled, this type of splice
separated by about 9 inches (230 millimeters).
is too bulky to pass through a sheave block. Proce-
(8) See that the break between strands E and F
dure for a short splice (shown in figure 15-3) is as
is in middle of splice; that the break between
(1) Unlay ends of two ropes for about six turns.
(2) Make one tuck with each set of loose
strands at least three times to ensure maximum
(3) If a taper is wanted, add one or two extra
tucks at each end and cut away one-half of the
fibers of each strand, for each tuck.
c. Long splice. When two ropes are to be spliced
so that they will pass through the same size blocks
as the unspliced rope, the long splice must be used.
The procedure for long splice (shown in figure 15-4)
is as follows:
(1) Unlay one strand of each rope for 10 or 12
(2) Lock and draw ends of ropes tightly to-
(3) Using care to see that the ends of rope do
not separate, unlay strand A from the rope and
follow it with strand B.
(4) Keep strand B tight and pull it down firmly
into strand A's place.
(5) Continue until about 7 inches (175 millime-
ters) of strand B remains as shown.
(6) Untwist strands C, D, E, and F and lock
them; strand C between strands D and F; strand F
between strands C and E.
(7) Unlay strand D toward the left and lay
strand C in its place. Strand C replaces strand D to
the left, just as strand B replaced strand A to the
Figure 15-3. Making a short splice
Figure 15-4. Making a long splice


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