Quantcast Section IX-Electrical Inspecting and Testing Equipment

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TM 5-684/NAVFAC MO-200/AFJMAN 32-1082
15-27. Minimum facility field test equipment
a. Electrical instruments. The maintenance and
care of electrical instrument test equipment are dis-
cussed in chapter 12, sections II and V.
Competent inspection is the first requirement for
b. Mechanical instruments. Mechanical instru-
satisfactory maintenance of electric apparatus. The
ments should be maintained and cared for with the
number and types of testing/inspection devices
needed will depend on local needs. A suggested
same level of attention given to electrical instru-
minimum list is given in table 15-1.
ments. In most cases, mechanical instruments are
not as delicate as electrical instruments, and will
15-28. Maintenance of test equipment.
primarily require mechanical adjustment, cleaning,
When available, the manufacturer's instructions for
oiling, and proper storage.
the care and maintenance of a test equipment
should be followed.
Table 15-l. Suggested list of minimum facility-wide field test equipment
Test equipment
Automatically performs insulation test routines in minutes, with high accuracy and sen-
Automatic insulation tester.
sitivity. Easy to operate, rugged and durable, the unit can be used on equipment or net-
works rated from low voltage to 400 kilovolts.
The unit controls the dc voltage across the conductors and measures the leakage current
through and over the insulation with one microprocessor and directs the display, control
panel, and power supply via a second microprocessor. They communicate through a
fiber-optic link.
The unit combines basic and automatic insulation testing capabilities. Typical tests in-
l Insulation resistance tests at 500, 1,000, 2,500, and 5,000 volts dc (with resistance
readings up to 500,000 megohms at 5,000 volts dc).
l Automatic polarization index (PI) tests at any of the voltages listed above.
l Automatic step voltage (SV) tests in five equal steps up to 2,500 or 5,000 volts dc.
The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable, sealed lead-acid battery (12 volt, 6.5
amperehour) or power supply cord (110/120 volts at 50/60 hertz or 2201240 volts at 50/60
Included Accessories:
Power supply cord (1)
High-voltage test leads-high, low, and guard terminal, 9 feet (3 meters) long
Instruction manual (1)
Optional Accessories:
High-voltage test leads-high, low, and guard terminal, 30 feet (10 meters) long
How to operate manual (1)
Captures, displays, analyzes, and records power line disturbances. Digital sampling
Channel disturbance
techniques have 512 kilobytes of nonvolatile random access memory. Waveforms are
waveform analyzer
viewed on the built-in cathode ray tube display and stored on the dual 3.5-inch (90 milli-
meter) disk drives. Standard summary reports or custom reports are created using the
attached keyboard. A built-in thermal graphics printer provides high-quality output of
waveforms and reports. Four two-wire ac input channels are provided with selectable
ranges of 0 to 60 volts and 60 to 600 volts. Frequency range is 45 hertz to 65 hertz. Im-
pulses of greater than one microsecond can be recorded and the range is 25 to 6,000
volts peak.
Measures leakage current while applying a dc voltage at or above the insulation sys-
Dielectric test
tern's operating level. This measurement aids in determining the insulation system's
ability to withstand overvoltages such as lightning strikes and switching surges.
Unit is compact and portable, air-insulated, uses no oil, and has a plus or minus 2 per-
cent accuracy. Unit measures current as low as 0.1 microamperes and has a continu-
ously variable test voltage with zero-start safety interlock. Unit provides fast charging of
high-capacitance samples. Includes a current guard circuit for highly accurate measure-
ments. An optional strip chart recorder for hard copies is available.
Complete with separate measuring and charging modules. A Kelvin-type, four-wire mea-
Digital ground.
surement eliminates errors caused by lead and contact resistances Digital readout with
resistance tester
automatic zero. Range: 0 to 6 ohms in 5 ranges. Resolution: 1.0 microhms. Includes a
7-foot (2 meter) helical lead set.


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