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Custom Search Zigzag. The Zigzag connection is shown in Figure 3-5. The interconnected wye
connection is commonly referred to as the zigzag connection. It may be used with either a
delta-connected winding or a wye-connected winding for step-up or step-down operation. In
either case, the zigzag winding produces the same angular displacement as a delta winding and it
provides a neutral for grounding purposes. A discussion of the internal connection of a
three-phase zigzag transformer, with no secondary winding, can be found in subparagraph, Grounding Transformers. Open-Delta. The open-delta connection is shown in Figure 3-6. Under balanced
conditions, an open-delta bank can be operated at slightly less than 58 percent of the throughput
of an equivalent delta-delta bank; and the voltages and currents are, for practical purposes, the


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