Quantcast Ingredients of an Effective EPM Program

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EPM program, not including the lost production value while the facility was without power.
Another case documents a main service switchgear fire caused by fouling from dirt, gummy
deposits, and iron filings. The switchgear damage alone was over $100,000, which would have
paid for the EPM program for many years. Another case documents the failure of a large single
motor; causing the entire plant to shutdown for 12 days, as the motor was vital to the plant
process. The failure was caused by dust clogged cooling ducts. An EPM inspection would have
detected the clogged ducts and prevented the failure and associated plant shutdown.
8.3.3 Ingredients of an Effective EPM Program. An effective EPM program is one that
enhances safety and also reduces equipment failure to a minimum (consistent with good
economic judgment). The basic requirements of the program include personnel qualified to carry
out the program and regularly scheduled inspection, testing, and servicing of electrical
equipment. Equally important to the success of the program is the application of sound
judgement in the evaluating and interpreting of inspection and test results and the keeping of
concise, but complete records. The following factors should be considered when planning the
EPM program:
Personnel Safety.
Equipment Loss.
Production Economics.
The essential ingredients of a successful EPM program are:
Responsible and Qualified Personnel.
Survey and Analysis of Electrical Equipment and Systems to Determine Maintenance
Requirements and Priorities.
Programmed Routine Inspections and Tests.
Accurate Analysis of Inspection and Test Reports so that Proper Corrective Action Can
Be Programmed.
Performance of Necessary Work.
Complete and Concise Records.
Additionally, the following must also be considered in establishing and maintaining an effective
EPM program:
Design of Equipment for Ease of Maintenance.
Training Programs for Technical Skills and Safety.
Use of Independent Companies for Specialized Services.
Proper Tools and Instruments.
8.3.4 Planning and Developing the EPM Program. The purpose of an effective EPM program
is to reduce the hazard to life and property that can result from failure or malfunction of the


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