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electrical system or equipment. There are four basic steps to implement the planning and
development of an EPM program:
(a) Compilation of a listing of all plant equipment and systems (survey).
(b) Determination of the equipment and/or systems that are most critical and most
(c) Development of a scheduling system for maintaining the timeliness of the project.
(d) Development of methods and procedures for each phase of work, or contracting for
specialized services required. Maintenance Supervisor. The maintenance supervisor tasked with the planning
and development of the EPM Program must be qualified both technically and administratively to
effectively perform in this position. The maintenance supervisor should have open lines of
communication to those personnel responsible for system and equipment design. Improper
design, improper construction methods, and misapplication of hardware are a few of the
problems traced to an unsafe installation, or one requiring excessive maintenance. The
maintenance supervisor should be made aware of any deficiencies. Maintenance Work Center. The maintenance work center must be properly
equipped and conveniently located. It should contain the inspection and testing procedures for
that area, copies of previous reports, single-line diagrams, schematic,diagrams, records of
complete nameplate data, vendors' catalogs, plants stores catalogs, and supplies of report forms.
There should be adequate storage facilities for tools and test equipment required by the
maintenance group. Survey of Electrical System. This survey may be defined as the collection and
evaluation of accurate data regarding the plant electrical system to be utilized as an informational
tool necessary for the development of an EPM program. The data collection step consists of
three segments:
Organizing the survey.
Setting priorities for each segment of the survey.
Assembly of all documentation.
The availability of up-to-date, accurate, and complete diagrams is the foundation of a successful
EPM program. An EPM program cannot operate without this data and its importance cannot be
overemphasized. The following documents are most often required:
(a) Single-line diagrams, showing circuitry down to the major utilization equipment.


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