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Works Officer (PWO) is responsible for the maintenance and operation of facilities and collateral
equipment, including utility plants and systems; maintenance and operation of transportation and
weight-handling equipment; and facility design, engineering, and planning.
There are many variations in PWD organizations. Many of the PWDs, particularly those of
smaller activities, combine operations and maintenance functions and other functions for
efficiency and economy and rely more on supporting PWCs. The following are brief descriptions
of functions and responsibilities of a PWD organization of a significantly large activity (See
NAVFAC P-318 "Organizations and Functions for PWDs" for more detailed descriptions):
(1) Administrative Division. The Administrative Division is responsible for all matters
pertaining to organization, methods, procedures, work flow, work measurement (except shop
work methods and techniques), civilian personnel matters, office services, reproduction, reports
and statistics and budget and finance and, when local conditions warrant, material purchases.
(2) Engineering Division. The Engineering Division is responsible for all matters
pertaining to engineering studies and reports, preliminary designs and estimates for special repair
and improvement projects, engineering design, and facilities planning.
(3) Maintenance Control Division. The Maintenance Control Division is responsible for
determining need for maintenance, planning and programming maintenance work, determining
the need for engineering advice and assistance, advising PWO of hazardous facilities, providing
support for developing real property and minor construction budgets, issuing work orders in
accordance with development spending plans, and reviewing, evaluating, and justifying projects
which minimize recurring or costly maintenance.
(4) Family Housing Division. The Family Housing Division is responsible for
management of all aspects of family housing, including programming of housing acquisitions,
planning for operation, maintenance, repairs, alterations, and improvements.
(5) Maintenance Division. The Maintenance Division is responsible for the preventive
maintenance program and maintenance of all public works, including utilities such as electric
power distribution systems.
(6) Utilities Division. The Utilities Division is responsible for operating utilities plants
and distribution systems; for monitoring the maintenance of plants and systems; performing
operator and preventive maintenance inspections of utilities plants in accordance with
maintenance management procedures; providing feeder data for the Utilities Management
System; and for promoting and supporting utilities conservation methods and procedures.
e. Activity Command. Frequent and close liaison between PWD personnel and Activity
Commands is essential for efficiently and economically providing the current and future electric
power requirements.


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