Quantcast Section 2. Operation and Maintenance Responsibilities

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1 OPERATION.  Operation includes startup, normal operation, emergency
operation, and shutdown of plant equipment. Good operation is safe, reliable,
and economical. Operators and operator supervisors are responsible for safe
and efficient operation of equipment. Follow these basic rules of good
All operators should be thoroughly familiar with the equipment and
systems they operate. Carefully study drawings, diagrams, instruction
manuals, special operation procedures, and emergency procedures. Know
the location, method of operation, and function of all valves,
switches, electrical controls, and other control devices.
Perform work assignments in a safe manner in accordance with approved
operating procedures. Use available protective safety clothing and
Operate equipment and systems economically, safely, and reliably.
Teamwork and cooperation are essential.
Be alert and concentrate on your work. Errors and forgetfulness can
cause serious personnel injuries and costly damage to equipment.
2 DISASTER CONTROL. Disaster control includes the prevention, minimization,
and correction of operational and emergency casualties to plant facilities and
installations. Sound design, careful inspection, and effective organization
and training of plant personnel are part of a disaster control program. All
plant personnel are responsible for disaster control as follows:
(a) The responsibilities of the operators are:
Operating the plant equipment in a safe and reliable manner
Handling emergencies and casualties effectively using approved
Reporting immediately to their supervisors any equipment defects
or operational deficiencies
(b) The responsibilities of the maintenance personnel are:
Maintaining the equipment in good condition at all times
Making quick effective repairs when equipment breakdowns occur
(c) The responsibilities of the supervisory and engineering personnel
Selection of competent personnel
Preparation and supervision of adequate personnel training


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