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compressor housing, and motor casing for any unusual sound, vibration, or
motion. Take immediate action to correct any problems.
4 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. Preventive maintenance (PM) is a system of routine
inspections of equipment recorded for future reference on inspection records.
Its purpose is to anticipate and prevent possible equipment failures by making
periodic inspections and minor repairs in advance of major operating
4.1 Responsibilities. PM is the responsibility of the operators and
specified maintenance crews. The operator is expected to do as much
maintenance as his technical abilities, tools, and time allows.  Specifically
assigned maintenance crews work on equipment requiring no operator, or where
the work to be done is beyond the scope of the operator.
4.2 Scheduling. Scheduling PM is the responsibility of the plant
supervisor.  Maintain a record card for each major piece of equipment with
entries of the PM schedule, inspections, and operation. See NAVFAC MO-322,
Inspection of Shore Facilities, for more detailed information.
5 BREAKDOWN MAINTENANCE. Breakdown maintenance is the emergency repair of
inoperable equipment performed by operators or maintenance crews. The plant
and maintenance supervisors are responsible for emergency repairs. The
Utility and Maintenance Shops should develop a coordinated plan to efficiently
handle emergency breakdowns.
5.1 Troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is a means of locating the source of
trouble when problems occur so that repairs can be made. Compressor
manufacturers will normally provide troubleshooting charts for their
equipment.  These charts can be very helpful in diagnosing problems. Table
l-2 is an example of a typical, but partial, troubleshooting chart. This
troubleshooting table is not meant to be a complete source of information. It
is a composite list developed from the manufacturers of various types of
compressors and compressor system components. The list contains some commonly
found problems, possible causes, and remedies.
6 COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM LEAKS. A malfunction which may affect the demand
upon a compressed air plant is a loss of air within the distribution system.
A discussion of the evaluation of losses in compressed air systems is
presented in appendix 8.


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