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While the system is operating, perform the following
(a) Watch for irregular compressor performance; excessive vibration; and
overheating of bearings, motors, and packing.
(b) Maintain proper lubricating oil levels.
(c) Drain intercooler and aftercooler separators as necessary.
(d) If automatic drainers are provided, check their operation.
(e) Check temperatures and pressures of cooling water, compressed air,
and lubricating oil regularly.
5 SHUTDOWN. Proceed as follows:
(a) Unload the compressor before stopping the drive.
(b) Drain separators, steam cylinders, and turbines.
(c) Shut off cooling water supply if an automatic shutoff valve is not
(d) If the compressor might be subjected to freezing temperatures while
shutdown, thoroughly drain cylinder jackets, coolers, and drain traps.
5.1 Extended Shutdown. Any compressor taken out of service for an extended
period will deteriorate rapidly from rust and corrosion if not properly
protected.  The manufacturer should be contacted to obtain the recommended
procedure for protecting the equipment. Take the following precautions in
addition to those stated in paragraph 5(a) through 5(d).
(a) Drain and refill the crankcase with a preservative oil.
(b) Operate the machine without pressure for no less than 15 minutes.
This allows thorough distribution of the oil and elimination of any crankcase
(c) While the machine is running, spray a fog of preservative oil into
the compressor intake.
(d) Remove piston rod packing and oil wiper rings from the rod or
corrosion of the piston rod may result. Coat the piston rod and oil wiper
rings with grease and wrap them in waterproof paper.
(e) Tape or plug all openings to keep out moisture.
(f) Relieve V-belts of tension.
(g) Drain the receiver and aftercooler.
(h) Drain the aftercooler cooling water, if used.


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