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(f) Correct lubricating oil levels
7.2 Quarterly Inspection. Inspect the compressor every 3 months for the
following conditions:
(a) Wear and dirt on, and proper seating of, compressor valves
(b) Operation of all safety valves
(c) Wear of packing and scoring of piston rods
(d) Sludge accumulations in crankcase
(e) Tightness of cylinder head bolts
(f) Tension, wear, and deterioration of belts
(g) Wear of connecting rods and crossheads
(h) Wear of, and dirt in, bearings
(i) Operation of lubricators and oil cups
7.3 Annual Inspection. Repeat the quarterly inspection outlined above and
inspect for the following conditions:
(a) Wear, scoring, and corrosion of, and dirt in,cylinders
(b) Leakage, wear, scoring, and security to the piston rod of pistons;
head clearances
(c) Damage, wear, and tightness of, and dirt in, piston rings
(d) Wear at packing glands of piston rods and security of piston rods to
crosshead and piston
(e) Wear and proper operation of crankcase and crankshaft bearings
(f) Wear and proper operation of crossheads, crosshead guides,wedges,
and pins
(g) Security to shaft of flywheel; wear and dirt on flywheel bearings
(h) Alignment of compressor with drive


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