Quantcast Figure 2-5. Method of Checking the Tension of V-Belts

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FIGURE 2-4. Connecting Rod Assembly
8.7.1 Belt Sheaves. Check condition of belt sheaves when installing new
belts. If grooves are worn, regroove or replace the sheaves. Worn grooves
cause rapid belt wear.  Sheaves should be clean and free of oil or grease.
Belts should be installed by hand and not pried into place. After all belts
have been installed, adjust the belt tensions (figure 2-5). Proper tension is
indicated when each belt can be deflected one belt thickness for each 48
inches of unsupported length. After belts have been tensioned, check sheave
alignment by placing a straight edge across the faces of the driving and
driven sheaves. The straight edge should contact both sheaves squarely.
FIGURE 2-5. Method of Checking the Tension of V-Belts


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