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6.2 Quarterly Inspection. Inspect the compressor every 3 months for the
following conditions:
(a) Operation of all safety valves
(b) Proper operation of all controls
6.3 Semiannual Inspection. Inspect for the following conditions:
(a) Alignment of the compressor to the drive
(b) On two-stage units, alignment of the outboard compressor to the
inboard one
(c) Condition of packing, if provided
6.4 Annual Inspection. Once a year or more often, depending on the severity
of service, dismantle the compressor and inspect for the following conditions:
(a) Bearings for wear and dirt
(b) Shaft for wear at seals
(c) Mechanical seals for damage, if they are provided
(d) Rotor blades; remove and inspect for wear
(e) Wear and scoring of cylinder bore
(f) Damage to gaskets
7.1 Rotor Blades.  Rotor blades should be replaced if the blade thickness at
any point is less than 85 percent of the rotor slot width; if the blade width
is less than 90 percent of the rotor slot depth; or if there is any charring,
splitting, or chipping on the running edge of the blades.
(a) Thoroughly clean the rotor slots when replacing or installing new
(b) Thoroughly clean and oil blades before installation.
7.2 Cylinders. Thoroughly clean cylinder interior annually as follows:
(a) Blow out all oil holes ensuring they are open and free of sludge.
(b) Flush out cylinder jackets with a water hose to remove dirt
(c) Stone rough spots on cylinder walls, cylinder heads, and rotor.


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