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FIGURE 2-11. Functional Elements, Rotary Liquid Piston Compressor
fresh oil. Remove shaft packing.  Turn the compressor over by hand once a
week to keep a coating of oil on the bearings.
5 OPERATIONAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. Operational preventive maintenance
shall include the following tasks.
(a) Never run a liquid piston compressor dry. Operation without
sealing-water results in serious damage to the compressor.
(b) Maintain correct sealing-water flow rate. Insufficient sealing-water
will result in a loss of capacity.  Excess sealing-water overloads the
compressor drive. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for correct
sealing-water quantities.
(c) Do not overtighten the packing on units with stuffing boxes. This
results in rapid packing wear and scoring of the shaft.
6 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE INSPECTION. The following inspection schedules are
adequate for average installations.
6.1 Daily Inspection. The operator shall inspect the compressor installation
daily for the following conditions:
(a) Unusual noise or vibration
(b) Abnormal discharge pressures
(c) Overheating of motor


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