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(d) Abnormal bearing temperatures
(e) Correct sealing-water flow and pressure
6.2 Semiannual Inspection. Inspect the following items:
(a) Alignments
(b) Wear of packing and scoring of shaft at packing or seals
(c) Setting and operation of safety valves
6.3 Annual Inspection.  Once a year or as required, depending upon the
severity of service, inspect for the following conditions:
(a) Bearings for wear and dirt
(b) Corrosion or erosion of parts
(c) Correct clearances
(d) Compressor internals for scale deposits
(e) Gaskets for damage
(f) Mechanical seals, if provided, for damage
7.1 Lubrication.  Establish a definite lubrication schedule, in accordance
with the manufacturer's recommendations, for all liquid piston compressors.
Assign responsibilities for carrying out the lubrication schedule. Follow the
manufacturer's recommendations for the types of lubricants to be used.
7.2 Packing. When replacing fibrous packing, thoroughly clean the stuffing
box of old packing and grease.  Cover each piece of new packing with the
recommended lubricant. Separate the new rings at the split joint to place
them over the shaft. Place one ring of packing at a time in the stuffing box
and tamp firmly in place. Stagger the joints of each ring so they are not in
line. After the last ring is in place, assemble the gland and tighten the
nuts evenly until snug. After a few minutes, loosen the nuts and retighten
them finger-tight.
7.3 Bearings.  Worn or defective bearings should be replaced. Bearings are
mounted in brackets on each end of the housing and are attached to the rotor
shaft by locknuts.  When bearings are replaced on belt-driven units,
carefully check and set the belt tension. Keep the belt as loose as possible
without slippage.  Excessive belt tightening will put an unnecessary strain on
the compressor bearings. When mounting pulleys or couplings that require a
drive fit on the compressor shaft, back up the opposite end of the shaft to
absorb the driving force. Unless this is done, there is danger of damaging
the bearings. Maintenance instructions for antifriction ball and roller
bearings are contained in NAVFAC MO-205, Central Heating and Steam Electric
Generating Plants.


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