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This sequence continues until the air has passed through all the rows of
moving blades. The stationary blades also offer a small amount of flow
resistance, which slows down the air and increases its pressure.  In an axial
flow compressor, it is the continual process of accelerating the air and then
slowing it down that builds up the air pressure.
2.1 Prestart Inspection.  Carefully inspect the compressor installation,
performing the following prestart tasks.
Compressor equipment, compressed air, and electricity can be
dangerous.  To prevent injury, before attempting any maintenance be
certain the compressor cannot be started accidentally.
(a) Ensure power switch is in OFF position and tag, or verify that power
shutoff valve is in OFF position and tag.
(b) Verify completion of all installation or repair work.
(c) Ensure installation has been cleaned.
(d) Verify that system has been tested for leaks.
FIGURE 3-4. Axial Flow Compressor


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