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FIGURE 3-5. Rotor and Stator Blades, Axial Compressor
(e) Check coupling alignment (refer to paragraph 7.2).
(f) Check lubricating oil levels and top off, if required.
(g) Check all safety devices and controls for proper operation.
(h) Turn compressor over by hand to see that it rotates freely.
(i) Open all compressor, drain valves, drain off all liquid, and close
2.2 Startup Procedure. Proceed as follows:
Protective devices must be worn to avoid damage to hearing.
(a) Remove tag from electric power switch and switch to ON position, or
remove tag from power shutoff valve and turn to ON position.
(b) Turn on cooling water.
(c) Start oil pump and check oil pressure.
(d) Turn on sealing air to seals, if provided.
(e) Open suction and discharge valves.


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