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FIGURE 4-4. Water-Cooled Heat Exchanger
2.1 Prestart Inspection. Carefully inspect the intercooler or aftercooler,
ensuring the following prestart requirements have been fulfilled.
(a) Verify completion of all installation or repair work.
(b) Ensure equipment has been cleaned and tested for leaks.
(c) Ensure thermometers, pressure gauges, and controls are in good
operating condition.
(d) Ensure safety valves are operating.
2.2 Startup Procedure. Always start intercooler and aftercooler cooling
waterflow before starting the air compressor. Proceed as follows:
(a) Open air vent valves on waterside of cooler.
(b) Open cooling water inlet and outlet valves.
(c) Close waterside vent valves after all air has been displaced.
3 NORMAL OPERATION.  Maintain rated cooling waterflow. Check airside drain
periodically to see that it is operating properly and unit is free of


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