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4 SHUTDOWN. If the compressor is going to be shut down, perform the
following procedures.
(a) Maintain cooling waterflow until coolers have reached ambient
(b) Drain all water from cooling system if the cooler will be exposed to
freezing temperatures.
5 OPERATIONAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. Observe the following procedures
during normal operation.
(a) Maintain rated cooling waterflow. Avoid excessive waterflow which
might cause erosion.
(b) Adjust waterflow rates slowly to avoid sudden temperature changes in
the cooler.
(c) Shut down compressor if condensate trap is collecting excessive
amounts of water. Cooler tubes may be leaking.
(d) Shut down compressor if cooler air temperature is abnormally high.
Leak in cooler tubes could be allowing air to displace cooling water in
waterside of cooler.
6.1 Daily Inspection.
Inspect the cooler daily for the following conditions:
(a) Proper operation of the automatic controls and instruments
(b) Water leaks, temperature, and flow rate
(c) Any deviations from normal temperature or pressure drops across the
6.2 Periodic Inspection. Inspect the following items at intervals prescribed
by the manufacturer's maintenance schedule.
(a) Check cooler for corrosion and peeling paint.
Do not attempt to repair or remove any compressor system parts
without first relieving pressure from the entire system.
(b) Check safety valves for setting and proper operation.
(c) Check manual and automatic valves for leakage and corrosion.


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