Quantcast Tube Replacement and Repair

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Never hammer on the tubes or use sharp edged scrapers which may
damage the tubes.
Chemical solutions used for cleaning should be capable of dissolving
the scale or other deposits without attacking the metal.
7.1 Cleaning. Tube interiors may be cleaned by flushing a stream of water
through them. For more persistent deposits, brushes, rods, or other cleaning
tools may be required. Tube exteriors can be cleaned by hosing with steam or
hot water. A stiff bristle brush will aid in removing deposits from between
tubes.  Cooler interiors may be cleaned without dismantling the unit by
circulating a chemical solution through it. All chemicals should be
thoroughly washed out of the cooler before returning it to service.
7.2 Tube Replacement and Repair. Coolers with leaking tubes must be repaired
in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations. Refer to specific
manufacturer's service manual for tube repair and replacement instructions.


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