Quantcast Adsorption Type Dryer

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FIGURE 4-11. Flow Diagram of Refrigeration Dryer
Do not overrun the unit. Overrunning will result in the tower
becoming saturated and unable to adsorb any more moisture. Moisture
laden air will then be carried over into the distribution system.
On systems where oil carryover from the compressor is present,
provision should be made to protect the desiccant bed of the dryer
from becoming oil saturated. Oil deposits in the desiccant bed
cause a decrease in drying efficiency and necessitate frequent
replacement of the desiccant.
3.1 Adsorption Type Dryer. Maintain normal operating pressure and
temperature in the drying towers. Ensure proper operation of condensate traps
on steam reactivated dryers. Reactivate drying towers at the intervals
specified by the manufacturer if reactivation is not under automatic control.
3.2 Deliquescent Type Dryer.  Maintain normal operating temperatures and
pressures in the dryer.  Maintain an adequate level of drying medium in the
dryer. Ensure condensate trap is functioning properly.


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