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(f) Replace desiccant. Refer to desiccant manufacturer's instructions
for proper intervals and instructions.
5.2 Deliquescent Type Dryer. Proceed as follows:
Do not attempt to repair or remove any compressor system parts
without first relieving pressure from the entire system.
(a) Calibrate instruments semiannually.
(b) Lubricate and repack leaking valves.
(c) Repair all leaks.
(d) Repair or replace defective controls and instruments.
(e) Repaint dryer towers and piping where paint is damaged.
(f) Replace drying medium as required. Refer to drying medium
manufacturer's instructions.
5.3 Refrigeration Type Dryer. Proceed as follows:
Do not attempt to service the sealed refrigeration unit; damage to
the unit may result. Contact the manufacturer in the event of any
(a) Clean or replace filter element as required.
(b) Clean deposits from condensate collection chamber and condenser-
evaporator tubes with compressed air or steam.
(c) Lubricate and repack leaking valves.


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