Quantcast Figure 5-2. Variable Speed, Oil Relay Governor

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range while the unit is in operation. An oil relay governor (figure 5-2) is
one type of variable speed turbine governor. Oil discharging from a pump
driven by the turbine shaft is circulated back to a reservoir through an
orifice valve.  The back pressure developed by the restriction acts on the
actuator piston. Movement of the piston is transmitted through a linkage to
the pilot valve. The pilot valve admits oil from a different pump to either
side of the governor valve piston, opening or closing the governor valve. The
lever which is attached to the governor valve piston and moves with it,
returns the pilot valve to its neutral position to stop further movement of
the governor valve until there is an oil pressure change below the actuator
piston. Speed is changed manually by adjustment of the orifice valve.
FIGURE 5-2. Variable Speed, Oil Relay Governor


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