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6.2 Periodic Inspection.  At intervals prescribed by the manufacturer's
maintenance schedule, thoroughly inspect all control system components for
wear, corrosion, dirt, or defects.
7 MAINTENANCE.  Prepare a lubrication schedule for all compressor control
system components. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for frequency and
type of lubricant to be used. Obtain detailed instructions from the
manufacturer and use these instructions when making adjustments to, and
calibrations of, the control system components. Only one person should be
responsible for the adjustments and calibrations of the control system
Control System Components. Prepare a periodic maintenance program for
compressor control system components. Refer to the manufacturer's manuals
maintenance instructions for each particular control component. Perform
following maintenance work as required.
Do not use gasoline, kerosene, or other low flashpoint solvents. A
serious explosion may result.
(a) Carefully clean, inspect, and test the operation of unloaders,
clearance control, and pilot valves. Regrind or replace worn valve seats and
disks. Replace badly worn valve stems and defective diaphragms. Check spring
tension adjustments.
(b) Thoroughly clean moisture separators and strainers. Remove all oil
deposits. Replace defective strainer elements.
(c) Refer to NAVFAC MO-205, Central Heating and Steam Electric
Generating Plants, for maintenance instructions for electrical control
7.2 Piping.  Thoroughly clean all control system piping and test for leaks.
Lines should be thoroughly blown out with compressed air until all oil and
dirt have been removed. Repair all leaks and repaint piping as required.


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