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1 OPERATION.  O p e r a t i o n includes startup, normal operation, emergency
operation and shutdown of plant equipment.  G o o d operation is safe, reliable
and economical.  O p e r a t o r s and operator supervisor are responsible for safe
a n d efficient operation of equipment.  Follow these basic rules of good
A l l operators should be thoroughly familiar with the equipment and
systems which they operate.  C a r e f u l l y study drawings, diagrams, instruction
manuals, special operation procedures and emergency procedures.  Know the
l o c a t i o n , method of operation and function of all valves, switches, electrical
c o n t r o l s and other control devices.
Perform work assignments in a safe manner in accordance with approved
s a f e operating procedures.  U s e available protective safety clothing and
Operate equipment and systems economically, safely and reliably.
Teamwork and cooperation are essential.
B e alert and concentrate on the work. Errors and forgetfulness can
cause serious personnel injuries and costly damage to the equipment.
2 CASUALTY CONTROL Casualty control includes the prevention, minimization
a n d correction of operational and emergency casualties to plant
Sound design, c a r e f u l inspection and effective organization
a n d training of plant personnel are part of a casualty control program.
C a s u a l t y control is the responsibility of all plant personnel.
(a) The responsibilities of the operators are:
( 1 ) Operating the plant equipment in a safe reliable manner.
( 2 ) Handling emergencies and casualties effectively per approved
( 3 ) Reporting immediately to their supervisors any equipment defects
o r operation deficiencies.
( b ) The responsibilities of the maintenance personnel are:
( 1 ) Maintaining the equipment in good condition at all times
( 2 ) Making quick effective repairs when casualties occur
( c ) The responsibilities of the supervisory and engineering personnel
( 1 ) Selection of competent personnel,
( 2 ) Preparation and supervision of adequate personnel training


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