Quantcast Section 3. Tests, Surveys and Reports

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Section 3.
1.  OBJECTIVES.  U t i l i t i e s surveys are detailed reviews of the maintenance,
operation and management of utility systems.  The surveys are made by
s p e c i a l l y trained engineers and utility managers.  U t i l i t i e s surveys have two
m a i n objectives:
To make immediate savings through changes which require little or no
expenditures of funds;
To identify savings by making changes which may require further study
a n d / o r a seizable investment in new facilities.
2.  FREQUENCY.  A l l major activities in each district should be surveyed on a
c o n t i n u i n g basis.
3.  PREPARATION.  A representative will visit the activity approximately a
month before the survey to discuss the on-site logistics and to make advance
T h e representative will explain the program, what its
o b j e c t i v e s are, how the survey is to be conducted and what results can be
expected.  T h e survey team requires the following :
E n g i n e e r s , supervisors, electricians, p i p e f i t t e r s and other specified
personnel to be present during the survey period
D a t a , curves, reports, diagrams, s t u d i e s , records, contracts and other
i n f o r m a t i o n to be available during the survey period.
4.  SURVEY PROCEDURE.  Each survey requires about 4 weeks. Each member of the
four-member team spends 1 week at the activity being surveyed as follows:
T h e electrical engineer visits the station.
(a) First week:
(b) Second week:  The mechanical engineer on distribution and
utilization visits the station.
The mechanical engineer on plant operation makes a
(c) Third week:
( d ) F o u r t h w e e k : T h e u t ility manager goes into general management
areas and consolidates the individ u a l reports prepared by the three preceding
team members.
Formal survey reports a w a y s include the following items:
5 . 1 Format.
( a ) A standard preface
(b) Recommendations which are broken down into two general groups :
(1) General recommendations proposed for immediate accomplishment


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