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Section 4.
A l l maintenance activities should have adequate but not
excessive stocks of equipment spare parts and maintenance tools.  Lack of an
e s s e n t i a l repair part prolongs a short repair job into a long shutdown and
c o s t l y production loss.  Lack of adequate tools increases maintenance shutdown
a n d production loss time periods.
2 INVENTORY CONTROL.  Stocks of tools and spare parts should be maintained at
or above specified minimum inventories.  Items should be reordered promptly
P e r i o d i c physical
w h e n stocks decrease to the specified order points.
i n v e n t o r i e s should be made to check the stock quantities indicated by the
record system.
3.  TOOLS .  T h e tools required for maintenance activities are determined by
the type and size of equipment to be maintained. A properly equipped
maintenance activity should have the following shop tools and equipment :
Impact wrenches
Small lathe
Tube rollers
Medium lathe
Turbin bolt wrenches
P o w e r drill press
S l i n g chain and hoists
Electric and/or air drill
Mauls and axes
M e g g e r s and electrical test sets
P i p e cutters and dies
Pipe-threading machine
D r i l l s and tabs
H y d r a u l i c press
G a s and electric welding outfits
Metal saw
Large pipe wrenches
4 REPAIR PARTS.  The operation and maintenance supervisors should review the
m a n u f a c t u r e r s ' list of recommended spare parts for all new equipment and
should prepare a list of parts to be purchased and stocked.  T h i s l i s t s h o u l d
b e reviewed periodically and items added or deleted as necessary. The stock
Stocked parts should be
o f repair parts should be adequate but not excessive.
s t o r e d in a clean, dry area.  They should be adequately identified by tags and
t h e i r storage location noted on the spare parts lists.


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