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3 OVERHAUL AND REPAIRS.  Paragraphs 3.1 through 3.4 contain instructions for
overhauling and repairing equipment as indicated by periodic inspections, or
as required by breakdowns.
3.1 Maintenance of Main Lines and Conduits. Proceed as follows:
(a) Make necessary repairs as recorded during periodic inspections
performed in accordance with the preventive maintenance program.
( b ) Repair all piping leaks immediately by tightening loose connections,
tightening or repacking valve glands and conduit seal glands, replacing
gaskets, and welding or replacing defective parts or sections.
( c ) Repair the coatings and coverings that protect metallic conduits as
necessary.  If the area to be recoated is small, a standard asphalt blanket
patch cut to cover the required area may be used. The patch is heated with a
torch and trowelled over the damaged area. For larger areas, the following
procedure may be used.
(1) Obtain a canvas blanket of adequate size to be used as a form
around the casing.  Nail a piece of 2-inch by 2-inch wood to both ends of
canvas to provide a better handhold.
( 2 ) Coat inside surface of canvas with grease or oil.
( 3 ) Pour hot asphalt on top of the conduit, letting it flow down
around the bottom.  While pouring, keep shifting the blanket up and down
around the conduit to prevent asphalt from sticking to the blanket.  This
method will permit covering the low two-thirds of the conduit.
(4) Complete the covering by pouring hot asphalt on top of the
conduit and smoothing with trowel and torch.
( 5 ) Finish by wrapping the repaired area with 30-pound roofing felt.
(d) Replace damaged insulation.
( e ) Repair leaks in metallic conduits by caulking, peening, or welding.
R e p l a c e defective sections, if required.
( f ) Provide and maintain effective water drainage of the system.
( g ) Use proper gasket material of correct design for the fluid pressure
and temperature service conditions.
( h ) Perform suggested corrosion control techniques.


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