Quantcast Check-off List

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(b) Sound Check Hot Traps:
L i s t e n to trap operate.
Check for continuous low pitch condensate flow.
Check for continuous high pitch steam flow.
C h e c k for intermittent flow.
I s trap cycling?
Note mechanical sounds.
(c) Visually Check Traps That Sound Abnormal:
C l o s e valve to return line.
Open discharge valve.
Observe discharge for normal condensate and flash steam.
Observe discharge for live steam.
Observe discharge for contin u o u s or intermittent operation.
(d) Temperature Check if Necessary:
Clean spots upstream and downstream of trap for measuring
Record supply line pressure
Measure supply line temperature.
Record return line pressure.
Measure return line temperature.
Tag failed traps with white tag for either replacement or shop
( e ) Check External Conditions:
Supports and braces


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