Quantcast Figure 4-4. Condensate Return Unit

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Condensate Return Unit
( f ) Rotation is checked and, i f required, corrected.
( g ) Adequate bearing cooling w a t e r is supplied to bearing jackets at
proper pressure and temperature.
(h) Cooling water is supplied to stuffing box jackets at proper pressure
a n d temperature. A flow of 2 gpm is sufficient.
(i) All valves are closed.
3 . 2 System Startup. Proceed as follows:
(a) Open vent valves on top of pump casing.
( b ) Open the suction v a l v e slowly.  When water flows to the pump under
p r e s s u r e , as is usual, the w a t e r will fill the pump, expelling trapped air
through the vents.
( c ) S u p p l y w a t e r t o l a n t e r n rings, if provided.


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