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(g) Ensure that condensate return valves and boiler feed valves are
open.  The pump does not operate until receiver water level is high enough to
c l o s e float switch.
( h ) Close starting switch momentarily to check motor rotation. Correct,
i f required.
4 . 2 System Startup.
Proceed as follows to put a pump in service
Start the motor by closing the
(a) Close motor d i s c o n n e c t switch.
(b) Observe whether the float switch starts and stops the pump when the
w a t e r reaches the desired levels in the receiver.
4.3 Normal Operation.
( a ) Output Control.  Pump delivery is governed by the float switch
c o n t r o l .  Operation depends on water level in the receiver.
( b ) S t r a i n e r s .  I n new installations, clean strainers daily until no
accumulation of foreign matter is observed.  Establish a maintenance
inspection program to ensure strainers are cleaned at intervals as recommended
by the manufacturer.
( c ) Stuffing Boxes.
Check packing gland adjustment.
Follow the procedures described in `lubrication of HTW
( d ) Lubrication.
( e ) Irregular Performance.  C h e c k any indication of irregular operation,
such as abnormal temperature, pressure, vibration, and noise.  O p e r a t i o n of
new equipment should be closely watched.
4.4 System Shutdown.
Proceed as follows when taking a return unit out of
(a) Open pump control switch when no return condensate is available or
r e q u i r e d for boiler feeding.  I f the unit is to be out of service for
overhaul, open the motor disconnect switch.
( b ) Close condensate return valves (inlet to the receiver) and boiler
feed valves.  This should be done only after the boiler is cool and does not
r e q u i r e additional water.
( c ) If the unit is to be out of service for an appreciable period during
f r e e z i n g weather, drain the pump and receiver to prevent damage.
5 MAINTENANCE OF PUMPS.  HTW pumps and condensate return pumps are generally
o f the centrifugal type and their maintenance procedures are similar.
5.1 Inspection and Maintenance.  Never run a pump dry; waterflow is required
f o r lubrication and cooling of internal surfaces. Never throttle the pump
Never operate a
s u c t i o n for flow regulation or cavitation may result.


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