Quantcast Flood Damage Maintenance

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Do not use gaskets thicker than 1/64 inch. The halves of the casing
will be held too far apart, which permits leakage around the wearing
( f ) G a s k e t s .  The gasket placed between the upper and lower halves of
t h e pump casing usually consists of a strong, l/64-inch thick, oiled paper,
cut to shape.  Asbestos gaskets l/64-inch thick may be used.
5.4 Flood Damage Maintenance.  I n general, no liquid should enter the casing
of a pump which has sealed joints and is connected to suction and discharge
p i p i n g . U s u a l l y , flood
is only concerned with servicing the
bearings, packings, and coupling.  Dismantle the bearings and inspect them for
any rusted or badly worn surfaces.  I f rust or worn surfaces appear, replace
the bearing.  D i s m a n t l e and clean oil or grease lubricated couplings.
Lubricate with an approved lubricant.  Disassemble couplings of the pin and
rubber bushing type; replace worn parts; clean and reassemble.  I f l i q u i d o r
foreign matter has entered the pump, open the pump and make a complete


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