Quantcast Inspection and Certification of Air Receivers

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4.2 Inspection and Certification of Air Receivers. Technical and
a d m i n i s t r a t i v e procedures for inspection and certification of air receivers
are contained in NAVFAC MO-324, Inspection and Certification of Boilers and
Unfired Pressure Vessels.  This manual also provides test and inspection
schedules and damage reporting procedures.
(a) Standard Vessels.  An Unfired pressure vessel is a closed vessel
in which internal pressure is above atmospheric pressure, and the pressure is
obtained from an external source.  Safe operation of these vessels requires
adherence to the inspection frequencies and guidelines of MO324, Inspection
and Certification of Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels.
(b) Non-Standard Vessels.  Vessels not designed and constructed
according to the rules of the American Society of Engineer's Boiler and
Pressure Vessel Code (ASME B&PV Code) are considered non-standard vessels.
Because most contract inspectors are licensed to inspect according to the ASME
B&PV Code they will not certify non-standard vessels as safe for operation.
Therefore, the procurement of non-ASME B&PV Code is discouraged. When
certification of non-standard vessels must be accomplished, NAVFACENGCOM
certified Inspectors should be employed.  Repair of non-standard vessels is
p r o h i b i t e d .  The inspection of non-standard vessels shall proceed in the same
manner as outlined in MO-324.


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