Quantcast Safety Valves

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3.6 Air Receivers. Air receivers are tanks wherein compressed air is
discharged and stored.  They help to reduce pulsations in the discharge line
and provide storage capacity to meet peak demands exceeding the capacity of
the compressor.
3 . 7 Air Dryers. Air dryers remove moisture that might condense in air lines,
a i r tools, or pneumatic instruments.
3.8 Safety Valves. Safety valves are used in a compressed air or gas system.
They must open rapidly and fully so that excessive pressure buildup can be
relieved immediately to prevent damage or destruction of the system
S a f e t y valves are found In interstages, air receivers, and
between a positive displacement compressor and any shutoff valve.
4.  CONTROLS.  Control systems for air compressors vary from the relatively
s i m p l e to the extremely sophisticated. The simpler control systems, through
the use of sensors, monitor the performance of the equipment and through the
u s e of lights and/or audible signals alert an operator that some variable is
outside the normal operating range.  M o s t systems automatically initiate a
shutdown procedure under certain conditions to prevent equipment damage.  With
increasing use of remote, unattended compressor installations, the demand for
the highest degree of protection and reliability has brought about many
advancements and lessened the need for operator involvement.  Many controls
systems provide a completely automatic sequence for starting, operating, and
shutdown of compressors.  The more advanced control systems are able to
optimize equipment efficiency by controlling one or more variables to obtain a
s p e c i f i e d level of performance.


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