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W h i l e placing the distribution system in service, check for
3.2 Precautions.
t h e following:
Action of expansion loops or bends
Action of supports, anchors, guides, and hangers
Proper drainage of condensate from drip legs
While the system is in operatio n , perform the following
(a) Check operation of moisture separators and automatic drain traps.
Open manual drai n valves periodically to rid the system of condensate.
( b ) C l e a n s t r a i n e r s regularly and maintain dehumidifiers in a free and
c l e a n condition
(c) Make sure manhole vents are unrestricted, and tunnels and trenches
a r e kept dry and properly ventilated.
(d) Check operation of draining equipment in manholes.
( e ) Make certain the air distribution system is free from leaks. Refer
to table 5-2 for amount and cost of air leaks, which is based on 50 cents per
1,000 cubic feet,  For costs other than 50 cents per 1,000 cubic feet,
multiply the cost in the table by K/50, where K is the actual cost in cents
per 1,000 cubic feet.  Air distribution systems can be checked for leaks by
one of the following methods:
By l i s t e n i n g for the sound of air leaks
By conducting a no load test on weekends (with all air users
shut down, measure airflow with meters)
Soap test
By conducting a static pressure test (Refer to chapter 5,
section 5 or NEESA 16-3015, Evaluation of Compressed Air System
L o s s e s , for additional information.)
(f) In aboveground systems, ensure supporting structures do not settle
or shift position.
5 SYSTEM SHUTDOWN.  Notify the central compressor plant and the compressed
air consumers before shutting down the system.  The shutdown procedure is as
( a ) Close main air valves slowly.
( b ) Crack open bleed valves to relieve the pressure. The time required
to bring the pressure down depends upon the amount of valve throttling,


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