Quantcast Maintenance of Fittings

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and damage to insulation may result.  A l s o , a substantial loss of treated
w a t e r i s l i k e l y t o o c c u r .  R e f e r to chapter 5 of this manual for estimated
losses caused by air leaks.
(b) Making Up Flanges.  See that flanges are properly matched before
Inserting the bolts when making up a flange.  D o not drift the two flanges at
t h e point at which they match; r a t h e r , use proper adjustment of the pipe
g u i d i n g arrangement for the purpose. Replace leaking gaskets; use size and
g a s k e t material adequate for the pressure, temperature, and kind of fluid
I t is convenient to dress a gasket with a mixture of graphite and
oil (or water) before installation.  This will facilitate disassembling the
j o i n t when so required.  A f t e r making up the flange, tighten the bolts evenly
without damaging screw threads.  A f t e r the line is up to operating
t e m p e r a t u r e , r e t i g h t e n the bolts, if required. to take up any bolt elongation
caused by temperature increase.


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