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4 . 1 Anchors.  I n s p e c t anchors quarterly for corrosion, breakage, and
s h i f t i n g .  E n s u r e that anchors are holding and that walls and footings near
anchors do not show distress cracks.  M a k e certain that bolts, turnbuckles,
wire ropes, and other stressed members give no sign of impending failure.
Anchor shifting may cause pipe misalignment and bending of expansion joints.
I f an anchor has shifted, take the line out of service and properly secure the
anchor.  Make necessary adjustments or repairs to the expansion joints and
4.2 Hangers and Supports.  I n s p e c t hangers and supports quarterly. Check for
c o r r o s i o n , wear, and failed parts.  M a k e certain that all supports are in line
w i t h the piping and tracking true; t h a t s u p p o r t i n g r o l l e r s t u r n f r e e l y ; t h a t
e a c h hanger is carrying its share of the load; and that there are no signs of
imminent failure of any stressed member.  R e p a i r or replace defective parts as
Line sags caused by misalignment can often be cured by simple
hanger adjustments.


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