Quantcast Trap Operating Characteristics and Selection

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operation, pressure in the inlet orifice forces the disk off the seating
s u r f a c e s , allowing condensate to flow through the outlet. The chamber above
t h e disk can hold steam or flash which causes an intermediate pressure. That
I n t e r m e d i a t e pressure, between the inlet and outlet, pushing on the top
s u r f a c e of the disk forces the disk down, closing the orifice. As the steam
in the chamber condenses, the pressure in the chamber drops and the disk is
o n c e again forced up by the higher pressure in the inlet orifice, allowing the
condensate to escape through the outlet.  T h e disk trap is essentially time
cyclic, dependent on the condensate forming in the chamber above the disk.
D i s k traps normally fail closed.
trap operating characteristics.  Table 8-3 illustrates the relationship of
trap type to application.


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