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1.1.1  This update of the Solid Waste Management manual stresses
operational changes brought about in waste handling practices as a result of
the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976 (42 USC 6901) and
its amendments.  New sections are included on the legal implications of the
act.  The Military Construction Codification Act (PL 97-214) of 1982 is also
discussed as it applies to recycling programs in the military.
1.1.2  This manual discusses managerial, engineering, and operational
issues associated with:
handling and storage of waste
refuse collection
transfer stations sanitary landfills
volume reduction techniques
resource recovery (material and/or energy)
recycling centers at military bases.
Discussions are intentionally brief.
1.1.3  A serious shortage of suitable landfill sites especially near
large metropolitan areas is forcing solid waste managers to look for ways to
minimize the volume of buried wastes.  Resource recovery, recycling
compacting, incineration, and composting are examples of processes being
implemented to reduce burdens on landfills.  When hauling distances to
landfills become excessive, transfer stations may be economically attractive.
1.1.4  The Military Construction Codification Act (PL 97-214) of 1982
provided increased incentives for recycling programs.  Highly successful
recycling programs already exist at several military installations.
Implementation strategies for other installations are included in this
1.1.5  Section 4.4 on wastes requiring special handling emphasizes
hospital wastes and other unique waste with specific handling and disposal
1.1.6  Section 4.5 on Hazardous Wastes relates to the impacts of
hazardous materials or wastes that might enter a solid waste stream (e.g.,
contamination of housing wastes with hazardous household cleaning chemicals).
It is not meant to be a comprehensive review of hazardous waste practices in
the military.


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