Quantcast Construction Debris or Demolition Landfill

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Factors to be considered in a cost appraisal of the
sanitary landfill disposal method include:
permitting cost/requirements
social considerations (future growth) affecting design, operation,
and closure
land cost
equipment cost
labor cost for operation and maintenance
installation overhead to support the site design costs
benefits in reclaiming useless land
environmental considerations affecting design, operation, and/or
monitoring costs to avoid potential problems
potential DoD natural resources program impacts
future land utilization needs.  Innovations in landfill operations to reduce refuse volume
and extend useful landfill life include covering of baled compacted refuse and
the use of a shredder to get better consistency in the material deposited.  Under new and proposed environmental regulations, construc-
tion of new sanitary landfills will require installation of a liner and leak
detection system, leachate collection and treatment system, and methane
collection and disposal.  These items will increase construction and operation
cost considerably.
3.2.3  Construction Debris or Demolition Landfill.  This method is
commonly used to dispose of construction and demolition materials and inciner-
ator ashes for the purpose of changing an existing grade.  Factors to be
considered in the cost appraisal process include land cost and the future use
of the land.  Excavation in fill areas may be difficult when large concrete or
stone pieces have been discarded.
3.2.4  Incineration.  Incinerator operation is a waste reduction or
energy recovery method and not a disposal method.  The maximum economic
advantage, therefore, is realized by locating the plant as close to the center
of the refuse collection effort as possible.  Certain criteria will affect the
location of the plant as follows.


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