Quantcast Environmental Health and Safety Requirements

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Environmental Health and Safety Requirements
Decisions concerning disposal methods must consider the health and
safety of installation personnel and the local population. Factors to be
considered before selecting the disposal method include:
pollution of groundwaters, surface waters, and potable water supply
air quality
dust control and respiratory health hazards
noise control
litter control and aesthetic nuisance avoidance
traffic safety both on and off site
fire safety
ingress control
vector and bird control
gas generation and migration (sanitary landfill).
Cost Considerations
Items to be considered in comparing costs among the various disposal
methods shall include:
Operating costs
materials and supplies
labor costs including fringe and additional benefits
equipment rental
cost of utilities: electricity, water, telephone, and others
maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities
permit and closure costs.
Capital costs
facilities, land, and land improvements such as roads, aprons, and
investment costs and cost of capital.
supervision, where this varies among disposal methods
installation support.
3.3.1 Plan development consists of evaluating the technical/legal/social
economic alternatives identified through the evaluation process and tying them
to a new budget plan. Major modifications to existing facilities or
construction of new ones require line item listing in military budgets. Such
expenditures do not come out of normal base operating funds. Third-party
financing is another option for acquiring solids handling equipment or setting
up resource recovery facilities.


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