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The collection of solid wastes (or materials which have
been separated for the purpose of recycling) shall be
conducted in a safe, efficient manner, strictly obeying all
applicable traffic and other laws.  The collection vehicle
operator shall be responsible for immediately cleaning up
all spillage caused by his operations, for protecting
private and public property from damage resulting from his
operations, and for creating no undue disturbance of the
peace and quiet in residential areas in and through which he
Records shall be maintained detailing all costs
(capital, operating, and maintenance) associated with the
collection system.  These records shall be used for
scheduling maintenance and replacement, for budgeting, and
for system evaluation and comparison.
The collection system shall be reviewed on a regular
schedule to assure that environmentally adequate,
economical, and efficient service is maintained.
Solid waste collection systems shall be operated in a
manner designed to minimize fuel consumption, including but
not limited to, the following procedures.
! Collection vehicle routes shall be designed to minimize
driving distances and delays.
! Collection vehicles shall receive regular tuneups,
tires shall be maintained at recommended pressures, and
compaction equipment shall be serviced regularly to
achieve the most efficient compaction.
! Compactor trucks shall be used to reduce the number of
trips to the disposal site.
! When the distance or travel time from collection routes
to disposal sites is great, transfer stations shall be
used when cost effective.
! Residential solid waste containers which are serviced
manually shall be placed at the curb or alley for
! For commercial wastes which do not contain food wastes,
storage capacity shall be increased in lieu of more
frequent collection.
Collection Equipment  Solid waste collection and transportation to the disposal
site accounts for 70% to 80% of the total cost of solid waste management


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